AI, Mobility and Geospatial


We are combining Artificial Intelligence (AI), Geospatial Analytics and professional software engineering on top of our custom hardware to address current mobility needs and produce unique and novel products and services.

Artificial Intelligence

World top experts at the core of the company. The team has experience working on large scale mobility and other production AI systems. We are tightly connected to one of the biggest European AI research groups at Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Software Development

More than 15 years of experience building novel mobility solutions, large scale production systems, mobile applications and IOT (Internet of Things) services. We also have in-house designers allowing us to cover all aspects of production software.

Hardware Development

In-house hardware design and production capabilities which allow us to develop full vertical of the solutions from custom hardware to embedded systems, backend, front-end, mobile applications and cloud infrastructure.

Motorhome AI Communications Hardware

Tame your RV

  • Connect all appliances
  • Remote control
  • Use one mobile app for everything
  • Measure and predict consumption
  • LTE WiFi hotspot on the go
  • AI Tourist guide and POI data

With Solvesall MACH Technology you can convert your RV into a smart house on wheels, professional mobile office and entertainment system on the go. You can also control and monitor all aspects your RV vehicle from anywhere.


Benefit from GPS Predictive Analytics

  • GPS Tracking (using custom hardware or phone)
  • Automatic trip detection
  • Automatic places detection
  • Travel mode detection
  • Travel type detection (public/private transport)
  • Travel patterns detection and prediction
  • Integrate this into your app in less than 30min

Use our libraries (Android, iPhone), hardware (tracking), or connect your own data to tap into the predictive power of our mobility and geo-spatial analytics platform

Motorhome AI Communications Hardware

Control your data

  • Protect internal production system
  • Securely share relevant parts of the data with external parties
  • Fine-grained GDPR compliant sharing control
  • Merge your data with external sources
  • Insights on how the dta is being used

Does your company posses valuable data which could bring additional revenue or recognition, but you don't have an easy way to share just the relevant part? This solution can sit between your data and external world and handles the sharing securely.

Analyze LIN/CAN/RS485,RS232 signals and program LIN devices

  • Assign custom frames to LIN devices
  • Wifi enabled
  • 32GB of signal data storage

Are you developing or debugging an industrial or vehicle communication system over LIN, CAN, RS485 or RS323 protocol? This product can save you a tremendous amount of time.

AI4Energy Project

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